We provide high quality kiln dried firewood for sale to Kildare and parts of Dublin, Laois, Carlow and Wicklow. Local delivery offers great value to our local customers. Our firewood comes as either kiln dried firewood or our Irish seasoned air-dried logs. If you live further than 30 minutes from kilcullen please visit DublinLogs.ie for free National delivery.

We sell our firewood in three different quantities. Barrow bags that are around wheely bin size and you can choose from a selection of different types of kiln-dried firewood and air dried logs. We also sell bulk bags of logs that are skip bag size or also commonly called tonne bags. Furthermore Stacked crates of kiln dried firewood logs are the largest loads we offer and offer the best value for money.

large bag of kindling for starting fires
Extra large Bag Of Kindling 2.5 Times Bigger

Use the Drop-down menu to select the number of bags.

SAVE 3€ on two bags

SAVE 12€ on four bags

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Mulch Tonne Bag
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1.2 Cubic Meter Stacked Kiln Dried Oak Ash And Hornbeam
1.2 Cubic Meter Stacked Kiln Dried Oak Ash And Hornbeam

A Mix Of Ash, Oak and Hornbeam provide a magic mix to provide the best burning experience for your stoves. Why do we fill our crates with Oak Hornbeam and Ash you might wonder. It’s simple we believe in selling … Read More

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Kiln Dried Hardwood For Sale

Dried to optimum levels of 15% Kiln Dried Firewood logs gives the perfect log every time for your stove. We also sell kiln dried firewood for as little as €55 a bag or even less on bulk orders. For instance buy three barrow bags and save 15€ with a unit price of 50€. After that the best way to save is to use Kiln dried logs in stoves to get the best heat for your money. To learn more about our kiln dried logs for sale please visit our page Kiln Dried Hardwood.

Air Dried Firewood Logs

We provide proper air-dried timber that we store for over a year which is dried through our new unique drying system. This provides high quality logs that are kind on your stove and the environment. To read more on our air-dried firewood for sale here locally in Kildare visit Air Dried Firewood. For a larger selection of air dried firewood please visit Kildare Logs.


Kiln dried logs

On our shop page you can find all our kiln dried firewood logs for sale in one spot. Please visit our Firewood Shop for a full list of products. We also have a few of our most popular and on sale products below.