We have many different types of kiln dried firewood for sale for local delivery in Kildare. We sell kiln dried logs from the best burning tree species for firewood such as Hornbeam (Ironwood), Beech, Oak, and Birch.

Kiln Dried Logs

What is kiln dried logs? Kiln dried logs have been carefully produced in every step of the way. Each log is carefully cut to the same length and split evenly.

Kiln Drying Firewood Process

After this the logs are loaded into a Kiln that is super heated to over 100 degrees celsius. We have the logs heated over 100c so that the water boils out of the wood. In the insulated shed (kiln) there are also big extractor fans to remove the moist air that has come from the firewood logs. After around just three days we are left with the perfect firewood that both lights up easily and burns hot and for a long time when used in a stove.

Kiln Dried Log Bags

We package our kiln dried logs into large white bags we call bulk bags they are 85cm high and 85cm wide. As these bags are very large, we need to us a pallet truck to move them, with the pallet truck we can move the firewood bag to a location that suits you so long as its possible to do so.

We also sell our kiln dried logs in barrow bags that are tall, 90cm high and narrow at 50cm wide that will fit down narrow gaps which we move with a trolley. Buy your best quality firewood for sale in Kildare today,


Barrow Bag Of Kiln Dried Logs
Barrow Bag Of Kiln Dried Logs

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SAVE 54€ on six bags

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Kiln Dried Hornbeam (Ironwood) Bulk Bag
Kiln Dried Hornbeam (Ironwood) Bulk Bag

Hornbeam is a very dense firewood, this extreme density gives rise to its nickname of iron wood. It is a long-lasting firewood that will stay burning longer than other logs on the market. The bark is black with a white … Read More

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Kiln Dried Hardwood Bulk Bag
Kiln Dried Hardwood Bulk Bag

Kiln Dried Hardwood such Ash, Oak and Hornbeam packed into a large bulk bag. Bag size is 85cmx85cmx85cm log size 25cm 10 inches. Logs light up easily burn slow in a stove and have a moisture apx 16 percent.

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1.17 Cubic Meter Stacked Kiln Dried Oak Ash And Hornbeam
1.17 Cubic Meter Stacked Kiln Dried Oak Ash And Hornbeam

A Mix Of Ash, Oak and Hornbeam provides a magic mix to provide the best burning experience for your stoves. Why do we fill our crates with Oak Hornbeam and Ash you might wonder. It’s simple we believe in selling … Read More

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